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Wrongful Death


What is the real cost in a wrongful death? It’s the care, comfort, companionship and friendship of the family member who died. It’s not getting to say goodbye. It’s the anger and the questioning.

There is no way to replace the person, but often there are obligations to those left behind. Who will pay the medical bills? What about the person’s financial contribution?

In a wrongful death case, Perry Law Office seeks to help you find the justice for your loss. It sometimes seems wrong to seek money for the loss of a loved one. In our system money damages is the only justice the law allows. We will help you fix the loss to you and your family. If we do nothing someone or some institution has not lived up to their responsibility That’s part of what we do, and it’s important. We also seek to expose the underlying negligence that led to the death.

In a fatal car collision, for instance, it could have been an action (such as speeding or unsafe passing) or inaction (failure to fix the sticky brakes) that led to the accident. Sometimes a business or other entity is called accountable. I investigate whether there was a duty on their part, and did they breach it?

I have handled a number of wrongful death cases, from fatal auto accidents to premise liability cases to workplace accidents. I understand the hurt and anger felt by the survivors of a wrongful death, and it inspires me to help you uncover the gross negligence or negligent conduct so that the responsible parties can be brought to justice, the only justice the law allows.

If a loved one has died a wrongful death, please contact Perry Law Offices. I want to hear the whole story and help you find justice, and through justice find peace. I offer free consultations, including evenings and weekends by appointment. Wrongful death cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

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