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Over the years of helping people with legal issues my clients have asked me to help them with their estate plan. Usually someone in their family has died and they had no estate plan. The result was a complicated transfer of assets to the heirs or beneficiaries.

Our office can help you meet your family's objective to provide for the transfer of assets upon your death.

A basic will helps you with the orderly transfer of your assets at your death. If you don't have a will the State will write one for you and it may not really be what you want. Your will lets the world know how you want your property transferred and what person you want to help you collect your assets and then make sure they are given to the persons you want. The person who helps you is representing you after your death. We call this person a Personal Representative.

Probate means, to prove your will or certification that your will is accurate. In a larger sense it means the court process to insure an orderly transfer of your assets.

Some people would like to avoid the publicity that probate brings. They create a Living Trust. The living trust usually allows an individual and their family privacy because although the trust provides for an orderly transfer of your assets on death it allows privacy and avoids the publicity of the probate court system. A Living trust can also appoint who will be your trustee in the event you become legally unable to care for yourself or assets. If you became legally incapcitated during your life the procedure to appoint a guardian can be an expensive proposition. A Living Trust can provide for the person or persons who will be your guardian without court involvement.


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